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Inspection & Test

Complete testing service for fixed electrical installations

All electrical installations will slowly degrade over their life and in time, if faults are not found and rectified, can even become dangerous.

It's important that all fixed electrical installations undergo a periodic inspection from time to time, to ensure they remain safe for continued use.

The period between tests will vary, depending on where the installation is located - for example, your average domestic property would require testing every 10 years (5 years if rented).   Industrial and commercial installations can range from between 1-5 years, depending on the type of industry and the environment in which the wiring is installed.

Testing is thorough, all circuits are tested for electrical safety, including insulation resistance, continuity, earthing and so on.   Testing on an average size property can take up to a day, depending on how large the property is and how many circuits there are to test.   Testing will include an examination of the consumer unit (fuse box), accessories, such as switches and sockets, examination of the service head (the electricity supply companies main fuse and metering equipment), any earthing electrode, gas and water bonding and a thorough test of all hidden cables.

Please get in touch if you'd like an estimate for testing your property.

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